Happy Drinks: Orange juice with a bite

This drink does well at the bar or in the disco. Or as an aperitif. If you didn't know that this is an alcohol-free drink, you might just think that it does contain alcohol. It has the same typical hard-to-define taste. At the first sip, you probably think 'oops' or something along those lines, but along the way you can just love it. Worth trying. By the way, definitely a drink for when the sun is out.


half a lime
2 level tablespoons of cane sugar
10 to 15 cc sushi vinegar (quart/half a small glass of Japanese rice vinegar)
50 cc orange juice
crushed ice

Glass: In a short drink glass
Mixing Technique: Build
Garnish: Three straws cut to size and a stirrer

Note: when preparing this Happy Drink, it is recommended to use a muddler (this is a pockwood pestle). It is of course also possible with another pestle, as long as it is sturdy.

Preparation method

Cut half a lime into 4 pieces. Put the lime pieces in the glass together with the cane sugar. Using the pestle, crush the lime pieces in a circular motion so that the juice mixes with the sugar. Add the sushi vinegar and orange juice. Fill the glass to the brim with crushed ice. Insert three straws cut to size and a stirrer.

TV chef Pierre Wind developed Happy Drinks: It's not soda, it's not alcohol, it's alcohol-free with a kick. A new category in the alcohol-free range.
During the IkPas 30-day campaign, Pierre visited the Radio Veronica studio and made 3 Happy Drinks for DJ Lindo Duvall as part of IkPas. Check it out here movie!


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