GGD Twente participates in IkPas

GGD Twente

GGD Twente participates in IkPas
As a health organization, we don't just want all residents of Twente to be as healthy as possible
and stay, but of course also all our colleagues. Just like the environment in which you live and live. U.S
work is aimed at improving health. By helping to make healthy choices. And too
prevent people from getting sick. This is how we work towards a healthy Twente society.
Alcohol consumption in Twente is above the national average. We are committed to here
to make a change. Participation in IkPas contributes positively to the
raising awareness of choices regarding alcohol consumption. Do we drink because we like it or out
habit? In addition, participation in IkPas ensures that in an accessible way
alcohol use is discussed more often, where it is not about right or wrong.
GGD Twente, together with Tactus and the municipalities in the region, supports the national IkPas campaign.
We enthuse our network partners to embrace this action and deploy it in their
organization. Naturally, as an organization we also participate in IkPas.

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We toast together. Drinking alcohol is often just part of it, we hardly think about it
about after. During dinner, for relaxation, as a nightcap, or because we have earned it after a
hard day's work.

By accepting the challenge of IkPas to give up alcohol for a month, you break through
patterns. No less than 43.5% of the IkPas participants feel that they really do
done. 58% of the participants are more aware of their alcohol consumption after IkPas and choose
more consciously whether, when and how much they want to drink instead of acting out of habit. 64% Ch
it is better to say 'no' to alcohol after the break period. They don't necessarily have to do that
to be BOB. By not drinking alcohol, you feel fitter. This is provided by the participants' 62%

Experience for yourself what an alcohol break does to you.

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