This is how I survive the New Year's reception

The start of the new year is full of temptations when it comes to drinking alcohol.
Just think of all the New Year's receptions: at work, at the sports club, with your neighbors and perhaps you have even more on your agenda. Before you go there, think about what you will do during these occasions. After all, everyone is used to drinking alcohol. When you suddenly fit in, your colleagues, teammates, neighbors may find it strange and make comments about it. Have your story ready and know what you are going to drink.
If you don't feel like discussing, you can also, as a handy reception person, visit other people every time the magazine with drinks comes your way. This way you avoid difficult situations.
Or you are just proud of your challenge. Make the topic of conversation. Ask why the other person does drink. show you blue wristband and go into the new year with confidence.



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