Break benefit

For those who are still hesitating: the advantages of IkPas, 30 days of your alcohol consumption on a break, in a row.
(Based on past campaign experience)
– Sleep better
– Physically fitter
– Mentally fitter
– Save money
- To fall off
- More confidence
– Improvement relationship.
Those are the direct effects, during the campaign. But it doesn't stop there. This still applies after six months, because the majority of the participants have structurally started drinking less. On average, more than six glasses less per week.
Find out more about the benefits hir.
You still grant yourself these benefits. You are worth it.



Meanwhile on the web

Last week we came across some news reports indicating that alcohol consumption is on the rise now that the world is in a (semi) lockdown state. You will also read why alcohol and crises are not good…
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