Being pregnant and training your abs

Before they became pregnant, some women worked on their bodies by exercising vigorously. Maybe you are also a runner, fitness enthusiast or bootcamper. You can also train your abs during your pregnancy. Here's how to best train your abs during pregnancy.

Exercise during your pregnancy is good for you. In principle, everything is possible, but sometimes you adjust a training because of your belly. We told you before that swimming is a great sport during your pregnancy. Walking, cycling and yes, running is also possible. Do you also like to keep training your abs? Here are some tips.

Oblique and straight abdominal exercises

Oblique abdominal exercises can do no harm. These strengthen the muscles that support your abdomen. It is better to skip the exercises for the straight abdominal muscles. The opening between your abdominal wall can become larger, which can permanently weaken your abdominal wall.

Did you know that a strong core (center of the body) can speed up recovery after childbirth?

keep breathing

It is important that you continue to breathe calmly while training your abdominal muscles. You may sometimes have a tendency to hold your breath so that you can fully focus on the exercise. But consciously continuing to breathe makes an exercise easier.

Listen to your body

Being pregnant takes energy. You will notice that you generally get tired or out of breath a little faster during your pregnancy. You can't train as hard as you did before. Listen to your body. Adjust your exercises, and therefore also your abdominal exercises, to your new physical condition.



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