Being pregnant and exercising

June 17, 2022 / Topical / Pregnancy

Relaxation also goes hand in hand with exercise. Exercise is good for body and mind. Even if you are pregnant. For example, it is good to exercise for at least half an hour a day.

Walking briskly is already a serious form of exercise. Swimming can also be very nice when you are pregnant. Because the water supports your body, you can keep swimming throughout your pregnancy.

If you already exercised before your pregnancy, you can continue to do so. Then listen carefully to your body. On the Read more about healthy exercise.


Yoga is relaxing and moving at the same time. It brings you strength and peace. Of course you also take your belly into account during your yoga session. So it is good to avoid pressure on your stomach. So do not do postures from the prone position and avoid bending over where you 'clamp' your abdomen.

Yoga can be a good way to be aware of your body and to bring peace to your mind.

Home or away

Find a quiet yoga spot at home or sign up for a pregnancy yoga course. Keep your movements calm and small. Also, do not sit, stand or lie in the same yoga position for too long. You don't stretch 100 percent.



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