Watch your baby develop in your tummy

In the pregnancy calendar at you follow it weekly. You read and see how the baby is developing. And also what happens to your body per week during pregnancy.

Moving around a lot, vocal cords and down hair: from week 14 During pregnancy, a lot of things happen again. Your baby gets vocal cords, but can't use them yet. And he/she gets downy hairs all over the body. They last for almost the rest of the pregnancy. And you gain a few kilos yourself. You can read how that is distributed on

As long as a teaspoon, a head as big as a marble and fists as big as a pea. your baby is in week 15 small and strong and grows well. From week 16 Does your baby do breathing exercises? And from week 17 your baby is about the same length as a toothbrush. He/she is now growing about 2 centimeters per week. And your baby can see light! Still with your eyes closed.

The muscles are getting stronger. From week 18 you have a good chance that you can feel the movements. He/she is very active, still has plenty of space and: can feel when you stroke your belly!



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