Watch your baby develop in your tummy

In the pregnancy calendar at you follow it weekly. You read and see how the baby is developing. And also what happens to your body per week during pregnancy.

Whether you have a boy or girl is already determined at conception. But in week 11 the gender also becomes visible. He/she can move well and swims around in your belly.

To find out if your baby has Down syndrome, you can NIPT or a combination test have it done. This test consists of a blood test (between 9 and 14 weeks of pregnancy) of the mother and, in the case of the combination test, also of a nuchal translucency measurement (between 11 and 14 weeks of pregnancy) of the baby.

In week 12 your baby can already suck his thumb and grab with his hands. During this week, the midwife tries to listen to the heart. And your hormone balance changes. As a result, you can react very differently than usual. You might just burst into tears or suddenly get angry over nothing.

From week 13 approximately all organs in your baby have been developed. Your baby is now mainly growing. And so does your stomach. This is also the week that many pregnant women tell those around them that they are pregnant.


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