Watch your baby develop in your tummy

In the pregnancy calendar at you follow it weekly. You read and see how the baby is developing. And also what happens to your body per week during pregnancy.

yes in week 7 does your baby have arms? And eyes, a nose and a mouth in a pretty big head. After that, in week 8 started with the skeleton. Your baby is developing very quickly now. That makes it vulnerable. During this period it is even more important that you do not ingest harmful substances, such as alcohol and nicotine.

Between 8e and the 10e week you usually have your first visit with a midwife. Then you go through all kinds of questions together about, for example, your health, about hereditary diseases in the family and about any medicines that you and your partner use.

From week 9 The muscles and legs will also grow. And then the baby reaches his first milestone in week 10: it's all complete! Of course it still has to grow. That takes months. But everything that should be there is already there.


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