No alcohol during your pregnancy…

Have you decided not to drink alcohol during your pregnancy? Very well! For yourself and also for your baby, because he or she will enjoy it. Were you not yet ready to give up alcohol during your pregnancy? Read more about the benefits. Benefits for you and for your baby.

Healthier development of your baby

Alcohol is not good for your baby's development. For example, it can develop stunted growth. He or she will never catch up with that in his or her later life!

Alcohol can also damage the organs and the brain. This can make your child disabled. By eliminating all alcohol for 9 months, your baby is more likely to develop well in your tummy. Read more about it on the website of the FAS foundation (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome).

It is not safe to drink alcohol during your pregnancy. Otherwise your unborn baby runs the risk of not being able to grow healthily in your belly. Is that one glass of wine or beer worth the risk? Only you can prevent this risk!

Sleep better

Your body changes during pregnancy. And your baby is developing. That takes a lot of energy. There is a good chance that you will tire faster. Sleep helps you to replenish energy. So a good sleep is nice and important.

It is sometimes thought that taking a 'nightcap' helps to fall asleep. But after drinking alcohol, you don't sleep better. You fall asleep faster, but the sleep itself is less deep. Alcohol also affects your REM sleep. This is the part of your sleep where you dream. Your muscles then relax and your brain processes everything from the day. Alcohol makes your REM sleep worse. As a result, you recover less well during your sleep.

In short, by not drinking, you sleep better. You feel more rested and you start the day full of new energy. And you can put that to good use during your pregnancy!

More energy

Processing alcohol by your body takes energy. By not drinking alcohol during pregnancy, you therefore have energy left for other things. For your pregnancy for example!

Less burden on your skin

Your skin can change during your pregnancy. Alcohol can be harmful to your skin. Avoiding alcohol during pregnancy helps to keep your skin looking healthier.

You feel fitter

Not drinking helps you concentrate better. You are also sharper and you feel more comfortable in your own skin. Alcohol has a negative influence on the serotonin level in your body.

Serotonin is the happiness hormone. It regulates your mood and ensures a healthy sleep pattern. Do you stop drinking alcohol? Then your mood and your self-confidence will improve. After all, you are mentally strong enough to say 'no' to alcohol. For yourself and your unborn child!

Save money

Those few specialty beers or that bottle of wine with the weekly shopping. They also cost quite a bit. Suppose you buy 2 bottles of wine every week at 5 euros per bottle. Then you spend about €520 per year on alcohol! You save that nicely during your 9 months of pregnancy. And you can spend that on fun baby stuff!





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