This is food blogger Judith

As the daughter of a culinary publicist, she was introduced to different 'kitchens' as a little girl. The love for food was there from an early age. One day she decided to turn her hobby into her job. Meanwhile, Judith de Groot-Pagrach (35) has a successful food blog where she shares all her recipes. In doing so, she takes into account different target groups. From vegan to pregnant: everyone can find inspiration at

Stirring, baking, stir-frying, steaming, tasting, adding, omitting: Judith likes everything about cooking equally. “I don't know any better than that food stands for enjoyment,” she says. “My mother used to let me taste everything she prepared. As a culinary publicist, she was endlessly occupied with food. I found that very interesting and fun as a child. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree here either. And that while I only started cooking when I was in my twenties. It was my husband who urged me to take the step to a food blog. He built (and still builds) my website and I take care of the content. Together we take care of the photography and styling.”

A day in the life of…

A food blogger's workday is all about cooking. But that's not all that comes with it. Judith: “Creating a recipe is more than just cooking. I plan in advance what I want to make for the rest of the week. While cooking, I already prepare the styling of the food. Then it is photographing, post-processing, unsubscribing and posting on social media (for example to my Instagram page @myfoodblog_nl). In addition, I receive a lot of messages and e-mails every day. From companies that want to collaborate to emails about new products or questions from readers.”

Good food doesn't have to be unhealthy. It was not. I think good food has a good taste and is rich in vitamins and minerals”

Especially for pregnant women

Judith's food blog contains many recipes especially for pregnant women. Even before Judith became a mother herself, she paid attention to pregnant women. “Because I understand how important food is, I cook and write for different target groups. And during your pregnancy you have to take extra into account what you eat. But that doesn't mean you can't eat well. I want to show every pregnant woman that healthy and tasty food and drinks go very well together during your pregnancy.”

No alcohol

Before Judith became pregnant, she had already stopped drinking alcohol. “Because you never know when you'll get pregnant, I stopped drinking alcohol as soon as we decided we wanted to get pregnant,” says Judith. “Since giving birth, now more than six months ago, I drank one glass of wine. I had little need for it. There are also so many tasty alternatives these days. I didn't miss it during my pregnancy. And I would love to show the pregnant women who participate in 'My sober baby' what you can drink instead of alcohol.”


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