Strawberry smoothie with a hint of vanilla

Did you just move? And now in the mood for something refreshing? Then food blogger Judith has the perfect smoothie tip for you. Make this smoothie with strawberries and vanilla in no time and you're ready to go.

Making a strawberry smoothie is really easy. I can hardly even call it a recipe. As you can see, it is literally 1 step. Is that easy or is that easy :-)?

I made a strawberry smoothie with a little twist: I added some vanilla. The fresh sweet taste of strawberries and the full vanilla flavor form a perfect combination.

This smoothie is very refreshing and healthy too. Eat it as a nice cooling snack full of vitamin C or as a dessert. And you read that right: smoothies are best eaten with a spoon. Then you enjoy it longer and it is better for your digestion.

I used almond milk myself, because I like to combine that undertone of almonds with the strawberries. Of course you can use the type of milk that you like best.

Tip: “Did you scrape out the vanilla pod? Don't throw it away, but use the empty vanilla pod to make your own vanilla extract. I usually have a bottle in my fridge door into which I throw all the empty vanilla pods.”


400 grams strawberries (with the crown removed)

200 ml low-fat yogurt

150 ml almond milk (or other milk of your choice)

1 vanilla pod


Blender or immersion blender


Cut the vanilla pod in half lengthwise and scrape out the vanilla with a small knife.

Combine the vanilla with the strawberries, milk and yogurt and puree into a smoothie. Enjoy your dinner!

This is Judith

Judith de Groot-Pagrach (35) has a successful food blog where she shares all her recipes. In doing so, she takes into account different target groups. From vegan to pregnant and everything in between: everyone can find inspiration at† We also recently spoke extensively about her food blog with Judith. You can read the interview here.

Photo: Jerôme de Groot & Judith de Groot-Pagrach



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