Grip on your resistance: the importance of good nutrition

Last week you read that alcohol has a bad influence on your resistance. Alcohol causes you to excrete too much fluid too quickly. The good news is that by cutting out the alcohol, you can prevent this. Your resistance will thank you for that. Good nutrition also contributes to a better resistance. Let's dive deeper into that. What exactly is that and what do we mean by good nutrition?

Healthy food. It seems so easy. However, many changes have been made over the years. And that is not surprising, because we are learning more and more about nutrition and its effect in the (long) term. For example, most people used to eat meat every day, while that is no longer the case in many households. Also, many a child was and is raised with cups of milk and sandwiches with cheese, but opinions differ about whether that is healthy or not. The conclusion we can draw is that nutrition has a major influence on our body and its functioning. Including our resistance.

Healthy food

A healthy lifestyle (sufficient exercise, enough sleep and healthy food) contributes to improving your resistance. With regard to the latter (healthy eating), opinions sometimes differ. What one swears by, another swears off. Sometimes it is difficult to determine what is right for you. We consulted the Wheel of Five. This advocates sufficient minerals, vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, fats and fiber.

Eat according to the Wheel of Five

-Lots of fruits and vegetables.

-Especially whole wheat, such as whole wheat bread, whole wheat pasta and couscous and brown rice

-Less meat and more vegetable. Vary with fish, legumes, nuts, eggs and vegetarian products.

- Enough low-fat and semi-skimmed dairy, such as milk, yogurt and cheese.

-A handful of unsalted nuts.

-Soft or liquid spreading and cooking fats, such as oil, low-fat margarine and liquid shortening and frying fat.

-Adequate moisture, such as tap water, tea and coffee.


Are you curious what is advised per 'disk'?


You will also find there a list of products, so that you can see at a glance what does and does not belong in the Wheel of Five per subject.

Also read more about the products outside the Wheel of Five.


Power supply and resistance

Let's be honest: a healthy lifestyle cannot prevent you from being infected with corona. Still, it is always better to invest in optimizing your resistance than to leave it at that. Because a good resistance is better able to fight pathogenic bacteria and viruses. You are also generally less susceptible to viruses and bacteria. If you do become ill, you will recover faster from an (average) virus.

Now the coronavirus is not an average virus. And we now know that if we ignore the measures, we run the risk of becoming infected. As far as is known, there are no groups that are more at risk of getting sick. However, there are groups that, if they become ill, run a higher risk of serious complications. There are groups of people who should pay extra attention. Think, for example, of patients with a reduced resistance. Their chance of infection with the coronavirus is just as great as in people with a normal immune system. However, their risk of serious pneumonia is higher. That is why prevention of infections is extra important. Source:

 Wash your hands extra and well, keep one and a half meters away and bleib zu Hause, restez à la maison, stay home.


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