How do you deal with corona stress?

We are currently under the spell of the coronavirus. The word corona falls after every two sentences. A health crisis like this keeps people busy. Logically. Everyone handles the situation differently. One seems to be able to keep a cooler head than the other. There is no right or wrong in that. It's only annoying if you noticeably suffer from it. The tension surrounding the coronavirus is great for many people. How do you deal with this form of stress?

From one day to the next, the world is turned upside down. The Netherlands has not been able to escape it either. Via news platforms, social media, friends/family on Whatsapp: you hear messages about The Virus all around you. This time brings a lot of fear and uncertainty. And that is not pleasant, because fear and uncertainty increase your stress level and stress lowers your resistance. And a good resistance is exactly what you need. How do you ensure that you keep your anxiety under control as much as possible? We have tips for you.

  • Fixed check times

Constantly scrolling through the latest corona news is not good for your mental health. Agree with yourself that you can, for example, check the latest news for 15 minutes at most three times a day. It is best to do this at fixed times. In this way you curb your fear a bit more. After all, everything you give your attention grows. So being busy with negative reporting 24/7 doesn't do the height of your stress level any good.

  • Find distraction

Wash your car, clean out your shed, crochet a rabbit, bake a cake, binge a series, paint the attic (only if you already have the paint stuff at home;), put together a puzzle, walk around the neighborhood for a good while: it doesn't matter what you do, as long as it diverts attention. Find distraction!

  • Move!

This uncertain time, the feelings that come with it and the changes we have to deal with, cost a lot of energy. It is now extra important to take good care of yourself. Eat healthy and keep moving! Even though the gyms are closed: you can boot camps in the garden, kickboxing in the living room, mountain biking through the woods or a run. Enough possibilities! Keep body and mind in shape, so that your resistance is optimal.

And remember: as tempting as it is now to drink a glass of alcohol; alcohol temporarily numbs your feeling. Then the fear comes back just as hard. And also: alcohol can actually amplify feelings such as fear and insecurity. In other words: stay fresh and sober, take care of yourself and stay healthy!











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