Liesbeth: how do I get through Sunday?

January 13, 2018. Already 12 days without alcohol. Okay admit minus 2x one drink in week 1. Beginner failure. It is, however, more difficult than expected. But I do want to keep it up; I'm not addicted to alcohol, am I? So now I don't WANT to give in to a glass of wine. Just not for another 18 days. Time will pass by itself. I can do this. Real. Of course. It is also not that difficult at all in many moments. Very often I don't think about alcohol. And when I do think about it, I have different ways of getting myself through the tough times.

Trick 1† To do something. A stupid household chore or just walking the dog will suffice. And dog happy too.

Trick 2† Avoid alcohol moments. For example, by going to bed earlier. Or play a game in the evening with the children (all three of whom are under 18 and at least two of whom do not drink alcohol yet).

Trick 3† Thinking of what a feast these days are for my liver. It is now recovering nicely.

But then this Sunday afternoon… It's been dark all day. It's drizzling. All family members are doing their thing at a slow pace. Tasty sandwiches, cups of coffee. But from 3 p.m. the rest is over and the unrest strikes me mercilessly. I know: this is one of those Sundays where a nice glass of wine goes well at the end of the afternoon. The unrest is already starting. Oh help, how do I get through this. Distraction. Sure, that's it. I take the dog and go outside. Delicious. When I get home I feel completely happy and healthy again. 16.00 hours. The dog is now in a half coma on her pillow and the restlessness strikes me again. Come on, hold on for 18 more days, Lies. I hang up some laundry. It is now 5 pm. The unrest continues. Despite all the tricks. But what am I having so much trouble with now? We don't have any wine in the house at all. Oh that's nice. Nice and calming. But… a beer in the utility room. Shall I… If I… No, no. Do not. 5.30 pm. You know what, I'm going to try to write a blog. Writing has always seemed fun to me, why not try this? I also enjoy reading other people's blogs. And especially the blogs of fellow IkPassers. 6 p.m. Hubby starts cooking. Can I go on a little longer? I remember that last year I went to the supermarket on Sundays for a forgotten ingredient, and that I took a bottle of wine with me along the way. Because I was so excited about that. Did I go for the ingredient or was that an excuse? And now: I didn't even think about buying a bottle of wine. How good of me. So it's not that bad for me yet. 6.30 pm. We are going to eat. saved. The afternoon where a red wine goes so well is over. I made it. Yes. And discovered a new way to get through an alcohol moment. I am curious how many blogs I will make in the coming days.





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