I'm sure when you read the title you thought for a moment: "Huh, what is this about again?". Don't worry, I'm certainly not going to preach the gospel. But we all know him. The Son of God, who died for us on the cross. Unfortunately, he only turned 33 years old, but what an adventure he has had with his twelve friends. I used to listen to the most beautiful stories in Sunday school, which we all discussed. As a boy of about 10 I believed everything. I thought Jesus could do magic. He could heal people, he walked on water, he made sure his friends' fishing nets were full of fish and the best thing I liked: Jesus could turn water into wine. I remember that was his first miracle. Do you get the title now?

Above all, Jesus was just human. Just like you and me. When he was little he played with his friends, he went to school and did nice things. He once went to a wedding in a town a little further down the road. Together with his famous mother Maria and his friends. In those days the weddings sometimes lasted a week. So there was a lot of partying and of course drinking. And according to sources from the time, Jesus also enjoyed a drink. There was a commotion about halfway through the party. The wine had run out and that was 'not done' at the time. After all, the task of the master of ceremonies was that everyone lacked for nothing. What now? Fortunately, Jesus was among the partygoers and he heard from his mother what was going on. He felt it was time for his very first miracle. He asked the waiters to fill the empty wine barrels with water. A little later it was a fact: the barrels were again filled with wine. Jesus asked the master of ceremonies to come and taste the wine. He knew nothing about it and tasted the wine. “What a wonderful wine!” he said. He went straight to the groom and asked him why he had saved the best wine for last. Long live the symbolism of the bible. Vanessa Williams already sang it in the early 1990s: 'Save the best for last'. The best is yet to come. Because after your time on earth, you are also welcome in heaven. Yes, I really did pay attention in Sunday School.

What a story huh? Turning water into wine. Wine at that time could not be compared with the wines we drink now. It was mixed with water, so you didn't get really drunk quickly. Wine was also often used as a disinfectant at that time. The Good Samaritan can tell you all about that. The last biblical sticker that was put on wine is that it is the blood of Christ. That is why wine has been drunk during the Holy Supper for centuries. Yes, wine takes on a whole different meaning this way. What a special drink it is. Honestly, I haven't gone to church in years. But I still wonder: If I had, would I have skipped the Lord's Supper this month?


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