Gineke: I only because I have to

Why do I leave my wine standing during our daily 'cosy' drink hour around five o'clock? Not just because I don't want to consume alcohol for 30 days. Just because you have to. My plan to stop this habit on January 1 was already planned. Then I heard about IkPas on the radio. That was exactly the action I needed. I use this action as a big stick to make it easier to stop with my daily glass / bottle.

I have a rare progressive neurological disorder for which there is no medication on the market. We can walk but not stand still, not dangerous but very difficult. Just think about how much you stand in a day. Sometimes I even had the idea that everything went a little better with a glass of wine. I caught myself drinking a glass more because of that. There has been a study in the past with a drug for epilepsy that has a good effect on the symptoms of my condition. In the Netherlands, this drug is not yet prescribed for our condition Orthostatic Tremor abbreviated OT.

After the good results from abroad spread to our patient group, some fellow sufferers asked their neurologists to also prescribe this drug. I am one of them. On February 19, I have an appointment with the neurologist at the UMCG. My hopes are completely pinned on this medicine to get rid of my troublesome symptoms that really hinder me in daily life. In short: After 19 years I hope to slowly but surely get back the life that OT took from me.

You probably already feel it, no alcohol fits here. To start with this medication I have to distance myself from my glass/bottle of wine. It doesn't fit together, but I'm willing to say: "IkPas", I will continue to fit even after January 30th. I'm about half way through now and I'm amazed at how easy it is for me. Zero need more. No withdrawal symptoms or anything like it. At the end of the afternoon there is a carafe of water on my table while my husband just eats his glass. I feel good with, but also without, wine. As a present for my 'IkPas period' I have lost 4 kilos so far. Sleeping better isn't working for me yet.

In short: So far I have had no problems getting through the day, the week or the weekend without a glass of wine. I've survived a few parties without wine. Saturday is my birthday and I am convinced that I will get through this day without any problems. I'm going sober my 73e beginning and possibly ending the year of life. For me, IKPas is: making a virtue of necessity.



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