Eveline blogs – 2

Unbelievable how life is geared to alcohol. Oddly enough, you only realize that when you take a look yourself. Went to a very nice party of a friend last night. When I came in, she walked up to me with a beautiful bottle of cold rosé and a brand new glass, until she suddenly realized: oh no wait, Eveline is fitting this month. She then looked at me doubtfully… because yes: Eveline without wine at a party is really Armageddon, so what should you offer that person to drink? When I asked for coffee, she breathed a bit of relief, under the guise of: luckily she doesn't swear by the caffeine. I looked at the gift table, where she had already been given several bottles of alcohol (among many other beautiful gifts). Yes, because how nice is it to give a bottle of Amarone as a gift and much more fun; to get him?!

We are now at about 2/3e of the action. And let's be honest: it's a piece of cake. I see that some people find it difficult especially at parties, but to be honest I find it easiest at parties. I feel powerful; I have made a commitment with myself not to drink alcohol this month. And so I don't drink alcohol. Not a drop. No test. No smell. Not, we cheat one. No, we don't cheat. The moments that I still find a little bit difficult (or at least, where I think about it for a while) are just at home on the couch, on Friday evening, with cheese, an olive…. Then that wine tastes really good.

I have already been asked the question by several people: do you feel a difference in your body and do you always stop with alcohol after this month? I can answer the first question with yes. The second with no. Yes, I do feel an improvement in my body now that I drink zero alcohol, compared to a glass of wine every day. I sleep better, have more energy, feel fitter. Will I stop drinking alcohol completely after this month? No! But… I will be considerably more aware of it. Especially now that I'm experiencing the physical benefits of it. Wow say. In any case, after being alcohol-free for almost 3 weeks, I have already made an agreement with myself not to drink alcohol during the week after this promotion. That is already 4 alcohol-free days (yes 4, because Friday evening starts my weekend). And to just keep it civil on the weekend. I think you'll enjoy that one glass of wine a lot more and then you don't need to refill that glass 3 or 4 times.

Another advantage of not drinking alcohol: you don't have that lurking half-hangover feeling in the morning. Early this morning I jumped out of bed to put on my running outfit and run 10 kilometers along the seawall. The last time I did that early on a Saturday morning was… well, let's put it on a long time ago. Still over a week to go. Powerrrrrrr!


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