The 'magic' 21 days

Recently I read somewhere that it would take 21 days for something constant to become a habit. If you drink six mugs of coffee every day or, for example, a glass of wine while cooking, you miss it enormously on an exceptional coffee or wine-free day. If you spend hours playing games or watching TV every day, it is very difficult to leave it alone for a day. You almost automatically turn the equipment back on and without thinking about it, you may be wasting a lot of time on this hobby for years.

Theoretically, you can of course also teach yourself something positive. Try to plank for 30 seconds or do 10 to 15 presses every day for three full weeks, just while waiting for the pressure cooker for your morning cup of tea. After that, without hesitation or delay, you'll just keep doing it, perhaps for the rest of your life.

And with regard to our IkPas adventure you could say; after today we have had no alcohol for 21 consecutive days, so not drinking has become our new habit! I hope it works that way. I only think of myself that I am a bit cheating, because I never drink anything alcoholic every day. Only on Friday and/or Saturday evenings and sometimes during the week at a party or other special occasion. That's why I'm going to try not to drink for 21 consecutive weekends (ie weeks). On November 7 (my birthday) I drank beer for the last time and on Good Friday I can pour myself a delicious specialty beer.

First complete this IkPas period together. I'm curious if for most who have already established 'the habit' for 21 alcohol-free days, then the remaining 9 days should be a breeze. Put it on.. and leave it!

Regards, Jeroen


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