Very last stretch

The last stretch can be the heaviest. January is almost over and we will manage those last days, right? Our IkPas challenge will end in 5 days. As I wrote before, I am planning to stretch my alcohol-free period a bit. With the exception of Valentine's Day, then I really want to drink champagne, I will continue until the end of April. The way I feel now, I'm sure it will work.

And if I don't know anymore why drinking less alcohol is a good idea, I'll look up an informative (read: scary) video on YouTube, which once again explains what alcohol does to your brain. And I also know that sometime in the next year I will be back to my old level and that I will have to put myself back in order. Because of my experience with IkPas, this works out better every year. In the years that I have been participating in IkPas, I have become more aware of alcohol use. That all sounds a lot more dramatic than it is. Read my previous blogs to read how I do that.

And you? What has IkPas brought you? Did you find it difficult to keep up or was it easy? If you can answer that question for yourself, it will provide you with a lot of insight into your own behavior. If the alcohol-free month wasn't a big challenge for you, then maybe you were a habit drinker before that? Then I hope that you have gained insight into your automated behavior and that you now know that you can easily manage with less alcohol.

Did you have more trouble than you expected not to drink alcohol this month? What were those difficult moments and what did you learn from them? You may have learned that you need help teaching yourself to drink less alcohol. That is a valuable insight! I suggest that you go to your doctor and discuss which program in your area is suitable to help you with this.

For me it's the sixth time I have participated with IkPas. Every year it got a little easier to keep up. The first year I counted down the days and this year I think: oh, is it the end of January already? What has helped me this year is writing these blogs. Once a week I was allowed to share my experiences with you and that gave me the opportunity to investigate my own experience and then describe it for you. I hope it was of some use to you. You should know that all the examples and incidents I described were real. I hope I was able to inspire you!

I wish you every success in completing this alcohol-free month. Perhaps we 'see' each other again next year. Until then!


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