No Hertogjes and no more candy for this gentleman

Almost halfway… well, almost. If necessary, this wise man had to schedule a training weekend at the end of the IkPas period, with two potential leg breakers on Saturday; a stair training and a Nighttrail in the pitch dark where you look like a kind of running table lamp with the light on your head, to be followed on Sunday by an ultra of about 50 kilometers. The UTVV in Slovenia, where I covered 160 km through the Running in the mountains will take place in four months' time, so training has to be done. It's a positive thing that I now only have to drive to Limburg once for all this fun, but it also means that I extend my challenge until February 2, because I don't think it's very much to fill up just before such an event. sensible.

I still find it difficult not to be able to unhelm Hertogje after my runs, because just like an inveterate smoker likes to roll a cigarette after the act, I'm used to tapping down a few noble beers after my bumps.

The foam on your upper lip, the bitter liquid in your mouth, the greedy cold in your esophagus, and the golden yellow nectar that has already evaporated before it hits your stomach wall, simply because after all those miles your body has turned into a kind of swirling incinerator. A blistering longing for that cool glass, the intense sigh with that first sip, and the euphoria of your finish that you celebrate with your noble mate. Read the above again and replace 'Hertogje', 'noble beers' and 'noble size' with a glass of apple juice. Doesn't sound different, doesn't it? 

Other than that it's actually quite okay, I haven't really been tempted yet, even now I don't get much from it physically yet. In fact, I have a resit at the final sleep exam (for the sleeping through part), I only lose my good mood but no kilos yet and for the first time in years I have a real man flu knocking on my forehead: I suspect because my system is messed up. Or maybe it's just a coincidence and it's not because of my lack of beer, but in any case I can't say that I have become much fitter.

However, the experts report that the effects are taking a little longer, so I'm assuming that within a week or two I'll be sleeping like a bear in winter, running up Mount Everest and my six-pack hiding me. in the morning, suddenly and triumphantly grinning at the mirror, smoothing the sleeping folds in my face through a mouth that opens in surprise. So double the price. You see it; I stay positive.....

Just to be sure, I have now decided to drastically reduce my coffee and sweets consumption. I was already a fan, but overcompensation was lurking and the fact that after two weeks of meringues, candy bananas and English licorice I still have my own teeth, is worth mentioning here. Next week the stroopwafels and chocolate cookies will eventually be banned and after that I really have nothing left to live for. I can certainly hope that my second marathon of 2020, which is already scheduled for this weekend, gives me at least a little confidence in the good outcome. I'll tell you if this works in my next blog. Do you want to read the whole report?

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Until next week!


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