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You know that feeling when you want to scream really loud, or lie on the couch with a blanket over your head? I had exactly that feeling last Tuesday. The renovation is running out (I should have known, because a renovation always runs late) that I come up with something new every time, of course, has nothing to do with it.

So that renovation, and the rain that came pouring down from the sky, of course every time I went out to walk our Australian Labradoodle Puck. And… not in the least, that Tuesday there were really too few hours in the day, which made sure that I couldn't exercise. That makes me very grumpy. That grumpiness again made me (full of self-pity) very much looking forward to a glass of wine at the end of the day.

However, I realized that it was not the wine I needed, but a release, I had to get rid of the stress of the day. What no time to work out…I didn't have time to go to the CrossFit box, but I could still go for a run because of that. And what a good choice, afterwards I felt wonderful and full of new energy.

If I had drunk a glass of wine, my energy would have been lost. Perhaps I had felt relaxed for a short while, but then also drowsy. Now I had energy and that stressful feeling was gone.

The first weeks of this challenge have flown by, when this blog appears, almost 3 weeks have already passed. I notice that this challenge (so far) is easier for me than the one in January. During those 30 days of IkPas I was much more aware of the fact that I was participating in an alcohol-free challenge. Now days go by when I don't think about it at all. My brain has, as it were, adapted to this situation and is starting to see it as normal.

My sweetheart doesn't really notice anything, he doesn't sleep better (he always falls asleep within 3 seconds anyway, and wakes up as fit as a daisy after 6 hours of sleep.) He doesn't feel fitter either and hasn't lost any weight. In short, he feels the way he felt before the challenge. When asked if he was looking forward to a glass of whiskey again after the challenge, he answered in the affirmative. It's not like he's counting down the weeks, but he definitely doesn't feel the need for a completely alcohol-free life.

Now with the canceled events due to the coronavirus, the temptations to drink alcohol are of course less, nevertheless I still have some nice things in the barrel. Tomorrow a fashion show from one of my favorite stores. The reception is always there with bubbles of course. But more on that next time.

PS Another tip that I also use to keep up with this challenge: divide the challenge into blocks and don't look at the end date. Work in weeks or even days. Every day you can check off is one. This way your goal gets closer and closer unnoticed.


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