Vlogger Anna Robin

Anna Robin (28) is the one and only IkPas vlogger this year. She has already participated in Dry January several times. The main reason is her health, and in particular the condition of her skin. Parallel to this motivation is the consideration of completely banning alcohol.

I am 28 years old and I work as an Agent at Teleperformance for the COVID project. I help people by telephone to make an appointment for a corona test, answer questions and refer people to other authorities such as RIVM or their GP. In my spare time I enjoy going to museums, hiking, doing landscape photography and tending my indoor plants. In the spring I want to start a vegetable garden on my balcony. I am also politically active for Groenlinks and PvdA and I like to watch films.

My relationship with alcohol is somewhat strained. I have addiction prone genes and am a lightweight. I really have to be careful not to drink too much at parties. If I do, I sometimes go beyond the boundaries of others. I think my motivation to participate in IkPas is that it is necessary for me to participate. But also for my health and beauty. For example, it makes my skin more beautiful. This will definitely be part of my vlogs. I start every vlog with a skin check, for example.

Ever since I joined IkPas, now three years ago for the first time and every year since then, I've been thinking about giving up alcohol completely. IkPas helps me to think about this. That's why I think in my vlogs I will also try different 'savory' drinks that can be an alternative.

I'm looking forward to it again!


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