This is how you register for a challenge

Step 1
Log in to your account at
Have you forgotten your password? Then use this link:
Step 2
You are now on your dashboard. At the top right you will see the button 'Join a challenge'. Click on that.
Step 3
It now says 'Select your challenge'. By default, the first challenge is pre-sorted, which is now Dry January.
Click on the little right arrow, you will not see a drop for 40 days. If you click to the right again, you will see KortDroog 2023… et cetera.
Click on the challenge you want to participate in (the check mark in the white circle must be dark blue, which means that you have selected the challenge).
Step 4 
click the 'Next Step' button. You can now invite or not invite friends to join you and create a team.
Step 5
You now see: You are registered for the challenge. 



Comazuipen en bingedrinken

Jongeren die veel alcohol drinken om zo snel mogelijk dronken te worden. Dit wordt comazuipen, ook wel bingedrinken genoemd. Een gevaarlijk tijdverdrijf. Hier lees je wat er precies misgaat in…
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