The best of: physical benefits

The list of physical benefits is endless, and we have written many articles about it. Because not every previously published article will appear in the newsletter, we present a selection of articles about the physical benefits of not drinking. Immerse yourself in the physical benefits of pausing. Nice weekend!

Your organs are celebrating

Did you know that taking a break is a feast for all your organs? Now that no toxic substances have to be broken down, your body can focus on what it was made for. Keep your body healthy and clean. On behalf of your organs: thank you!

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Pausing is also valuable for the pancreas

The brain, the liver, the heart: all organs that are happy with your alcohol break. To add just one more to this list; it also makes your pancreas happier. It's nice that one break does all those organs good. Back to the pancreas. What about alcohol and the pancreas?

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Drinking alcohol and its effect on your brain

You usually don't think about it every day, but damn those brains of ours get it done every day. This mass of gray and white matter processes nerve signals, allowing your body to be controlled. Your brain is also important for memory, consciousness and emotions. Unfortunately, our brains get a big blow when (excessively) drinking alcohol. You can read how that works here

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Have heart for your heart

Not drinking -or very moderately- is good for your heart. If you don't drink or consume small amounts of alcohol, your risk of heart disease decreases. But if you drink too much alcohol, this risk increases. Because this possible adverse effect does not immediately occur to you when you think about the dangers of drinking too much alcohol, you can read in this article why the break period also has a positive effect on your heart.

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Eat and drink warm

Now that the temperature is dropping further and further, you can feel that we are heading towards winter. Not bad, because those lights, those holidays, those cozy evenings you wouldn't want to miss them. What…
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