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The 'Je Monster de Baas' campaign started on 1 July. One in four children and young people in the Netherlands experiences radical childhood experiences. We seldom talk about radical childhood experiences. While talking about it and seeking support from someone you trust is an important step in strengthening resilience and health. That is why the Cooperating Health Funds are launching the 'Je Monster de Baas' campaign as part of the Healthy Generation programme.

Disruptive childhood experiences are experiences that you carry with you forever and that you can suffer from. Think of emotional neglect or a divorce, for example. The effects of these kinds of bad events can later manifest themselves in depression, anxiety disorders, diabetes and also in risky and unhealthy behavior such as smoking, drug use, changing sexual partners and alcohol use.

Dramatic childhood experiences and risky and unhealthy behavior

young people with 1 or more radical childhood experiences, 2 to 3 times as often start with alcohol at the age of 14.

A child having 4 or more traumatic childhood experiences has a 7.4 times greater chance of becoming an alcoholic later on.

From the 8% heavy drinkers 32% has 4 or more traumatic childhood experiences.

Goal & target group

The aim of the campaign is to let people know that traumatic childhood experiences are common, that you are not alone and that it helps if you seek support and talk about it. The campaign also calls for a listening ear, so that young people feel seen and heard. The target group of this campaign is all young people in the Netherlands between the ages of 13 and 25.

Who participate?

In collaboration with singer Bente and supported by the Augeo Foundation, the Kinderpostzegels Foundation and nine other child and capital funds, Cooperating Health Funds is launching the 'Je Monster de Baas' campaign.


What does the Healthy Generation director say?

“More than half of the Dutch population is chronically ill. It is still hardly known that drastic childhood experiences can be a cause of this. We want to change that. We also want to reduce and help prevent the damage to health caused by radical childhood experiences. Creating more openness about radical childhood experiences, lowering the threshold for young people to talk about it and offering a listening ear are important first steps.”

Mark Monsma, Director Healthy Generation

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