Reasons for over-55s to drink

Good news: in general, people over 55 drink less as they get older. But out research by the Trimbos Institute shows that the opposite happens in people over 55 who already drink excessively. They actually drink more as they get older. And there are several reasons for this.

Conviviality, because everyone does it, relaxation, habit: there are many reasons why alcohol is drunk. These are also frequently heard motives among the over-55s. Yet there is also such a thing as 'the stage of life' that plays a role in the 'why'.

A lot changes

As a person over 55, your life changes imperceptibly, often quite clearly and sometimes even suddenly. In this way you creep towards retirement age, any children fly out, you have more time (and boredom is lurking), you can have to deal with loss and mourning, health and illness and the confrontation with death that is getting closer and closer. These can be reasons to drink more than is good for you.

Notable groups

The research revealed groups that require specific attention. Such as the group in which excessive alcohol consumption occurs in combination with other unhealthy lifestyle habits. Think about smoking and little exercise. Then there is the group of 'young older people', especially men, who drink excessively. As time goes by and age creeps up, this group is at risk of drinking more. The third group that emerged consists of elderly people who experience a major event and as a result, for example, end up alone. Coping with loss and grief can involve alcohol consumption that is out of control.

And now?

Suppose you are over 55 and you want to know where you stand with regard to your alcohol consumption? Then visit the website of Moti55. Here you can actively, and yet very easily, map your alcohol consumption. You can then follow a route at Moti-55. A Moti-55 trajectory consists of four interviews. Two months after these meetings, a 'follow up' meeting will take place during which the progress of your plans will be discussed. Please note: the Moti55 trajectory is a preventive offer and not a care offer.

The goal of Moti-55 is…

…consider your alcohol consumption.

…to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

... improve quality of life, for example by getting fitter or sleeping better.



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