Well prepared for IkPas starting in 8 steps

Starting with something, or stopping with something, can be difficult for some. In order to increase the success of your IkPas period, we will discuss eight steps in this article to prepare for the alcohol break. In this way 'passing' becomes a cold beer for you uuuhhh… trick.

  1. Find a buddy

Only participating in IkPas is also only alone. It's better to take on the challenge with two people, or with three, or with the whole volleyball club, or with the whole street. In short, find someone with whom you will pass the time and who will give you support. This makes it easier to keep up, because: together you are strong!

  1. why am i doing it

Why do you actually participate in IkPas? What is your personal reason? It is important to consider in advance what your motivation is to participate. You can write this motivation down somewhere and recall it at times when it is a bit difficult for you. Stick your motivation on the fridge, bathroom mirror, front door, pantry: at least in one place, or several places, that you regularly walk past.

  1. Shout it from the rooftops

At first you would think that IkPas is a challenge with yourself, so that others do not need to know anything about this, but nothing could be further from the truth. Your friends, family and acquaintances can support you, but they must know that you are participating. So tell everyone around you, to as many people as possible. The more people know, the more you can be taken into account. Don't tell it until you get a glass of wine or beer in your hands, but well in advance. This way you can prevent alcohol being offered to you. That makes it a lot easier.

  1. make a plan

Starting with IkPas seems simple: you register and you simply don't drink for 30 days. Unfortunately, it's not always that simple. You will encounter easy and difficult situations that you need to prepare for. Before IkPas, take a look through the month of January. Are there times in the near future where it will be difficult not to drink alcohol? Think of a reception, a party or perhaps your weekly outing with the team. Before starting IkPas, think about what you will do during these occasions. After all, people are used to drinking alcohol. If you suddenly no longer do this, it is possible that those around you find this strange or start to make comments about it. So think carefully about what you say (tip 2) and what you are going to drink (tip 7). If you think about this already, it comes across better than if you don't actually know what the heck to drink on the night itself.

  1. Activities

Sometimes it's better to avoid certain occasions when booze is really the reason of the occasion. Beer tastings or Octoberfests, for example, are not a good idea if you don't drink alcohol. Think about other activities you can do. Now that you're working on your New Year's resolutions, this might also be a good time to start exercising, go for a walk or go to the sauna. Activities that contribute to your health make you feel good and support you in the IkPas challenge.

  1. Reward after 30 days

Challenges can bring you something. For those who have managed not to drink alcohol for 30 (or soon 40 days) there is a reward. But what kind of reward? You can of course determine that yourself. Rewarding yourself (with something other than alcohol of course ;) ), helps you persevere and persevere. That new coat, that fun outing or that city trip: now is the time!

  1. Think of alternatives

What do you drink outdoors if you don't drink alcohol? Good question and think about this in advance. Most catering establishments have a wide range of soft drinks. Not only cola and orange, but also other types of flavors such as tonic, bitter lemon and ice tea. Buy some different soft drinks in advance in the supermarket and discover your taste!

  1. Experiment with flavors

You're sitting on the couch, but now without wine…boring? No of course not. There is still so much to discover! You can buy a juicer from 40 euros and even a slow juicer for a little more. With this you can make juices from all vegetables and fruits. Lime, strawberries, apples, pears, spinach, cucumber, bell pepper, carrots, tomatoes, etc. Combine flavors and create tasty mixes of bitter, sour and sweet. During your break you will probably fall from one taste sensation to another!

Which step do you put into practice to start your break well prepared? Or do you have your own preparation tactic?

Let us know in a comment!



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