Don't give boredom a chance

No museum visit, no road trip, no terrace, no not even a family visit. Corona forces us to stay in and around the house. Sitting at home can really take a toll on you. The garden has already been raked three times, the bathroom shines and even the photo albums are completely up-to-date. And now? We may have found a new hobby for you. Check this list!

-Enter all contests and competitions on the internet

-Send your friends and family a card

-Get hooked to hooks

-Sign up for a language course

-Explore a topic and watch all tutorials about it

-Pre-order all birthday gifts for your loved ones

-Badder until you look like a wrinkled old man

-Create a Pinterest board with anything you like

- Pick up Wordfeud again

-Start your own blog

-Indulge in the Christmas cards

-Move the furniture in your living room

-Complete a Wiki page with information

- Create a trending topic on Twitter

Have you just found a new hobby and want to share it with everyone? Send your pastime to



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