Will the VRIJMIBO die?

The Friday afternoon drink -vrijmibo- is back now that we are working at the office again. Catching up with your colleagues with a beer or wine in hand is a nice way to end the week. But what are the rules regarding Friday afternoon drinks and how do you keep up on these afternoons as a break?

All around commotion. Recently two Apeldoorn entrepreneurs were fined for company drinks. The why can be found in the Alcohol Act. This states that no alcohol may be present, consumed or in stock in areas accessible to the public and in parts of that area where no public is allowed. Actually it says that alcohol only is allowed in licensed catering establishments, liquor stores and shops that are allowed to sell alcohol for consumption elsewhere.

Grey area

The fact that the Apeldoorn entrepreneurs have been called to account points to a very strict interpretation of the Alcohol Act. Because the Alcohol Act has a gray area, as a result of which company drinks, such as Friday afternoon drinks, take place on a large scale. This is not least because enforcement is not a priority in most municipalities. The fact that the entrepreneurs have been fined is therefore quite striking and perhaps the end of the Friday afternoon drinks? Source: linda.nl

Drinking at work: yes or no

Don't do it, advises Maddy Blokland of the Trimbos Institute. “Alcohol is often associated with socializing, but it does a lot of damage. It makes you less alert, you lose control. You become more impulsive and you take risks. All things you don't want at work." Source: rtlnieuws.nl.

Tips for a sober Friday afternoon snack

There is a good chance that you will ever have a company drink at the office. And maybe another one is already planned. How do you deal with this when you're in the middle of an alcohol break?

Tip 1 The non-alcoholic glass is half full

You don't drink alcohol, but you do want something tasty. Maybe you have a favorite non-alcoholic drink? Indicate to the organizer that you like to drink it. In extreme cases, bring your own non-alcoholic drink.

Tip 2 Make sure you have a full stomach

By the end of the afternoon you can be quite hungry. Eat something nutritious before you go for a drink. A sandwich, a salad, a yogurt: a bottom prevents you from dumping on the snacks and suppresses the desire for an alcoholic drink.

Tip 3 Departure at the peak

After an hour or so things will loosen up a bit. Some colleagues may suggest going a little further in the corner pub. That's a good time to go. That way you won't be tempted to drink one.

And remember that there are many benefits to an alcohol-free Friday afternoon snack.

-You have real conversations with your colleagues.

-You just drive home yourself.

-You didn't do or say anything embarrassing because you were under the influence.

-You are also nice company for the home front.

-You don't have a headache the next day.

-You have enough energy to both walk the dog, do the shopping, rake the garden, and see a friend.




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