Non-alcoholic alternatives from IkPas participants

One swears by tea with ginger, while the other can't get enough of a syrup with a twist. Whatever your preference is: it doesn't matter, as long as you like it. Haven't found your non-alcoholic favorite yet? Perhaps the tips of these fellow pausers will inspire you.


Here are my favourites:

Bundaberg ginger beers low sugar

Ice tea no sparkling zero with ice mint and lemon

Sparood lemon ginger mint


Last year I also participated in IkPas.
I got tired of water and lemonade after a few months, so I started looking for something else.
Fortunately I found something tasty: Crodino Rosso with tonic (0% sugar). Delicious refreshing drink for the weekend!


This recipe page of Teisseire I just discovered. And especially this recipe is super: Bitter Orange! Teisseire orange syrup 0.0 with Tonic 0.0 and a slice of orange. Serve this with or without ice. In terms of ratio I don't do 1:3. I pour less syrup, so that you can still taste the bitterness of the tonic.


I am a fan of Paulie's Ginger. A ginger drink that I like to drink as is, but also often mix with hot water or - if I want to quench my thirst - with Sparood.


My favorite alternative is Ginger Ale. I have also discovered many types of organic tea, which taste very good with different dishes.

Speaking of tea

Just like wine, a tea in combination with a dish can enhance the taste and make it even more beautiful and rich. The perfect combination ensures that both the dish and the tea come into their own even better. For example, the flavors of a piece of smoked salmon come out even better when a green tea, such as a sencha or Lovely Jasmine is drunk.

The diversity of flavors and types of tea means that a suitable tea can be found for every type of dish. Very nice to experiment yourself and to look for a nice tea and food combination and to surprise your guests with a tea arrangement with a dinner at your home.

Tasty combinations:

Smoked fish - Lovely Jasmine, sencha, Chun Mee

Grilled vegetables - Golden Osmantus, White Monkey, sweet rose

Creamy soup – Tie Guan Yin, White Monkey, Lovely Jasmine

Meat – Yunnan Dian Hong, Darjeeling Margaret's, China Pu-ehr

Fish / Chicken – Chun Mee, Golden Osmantus, Rosemary's Whisperer

Chocolate - Golden Yunnan, Green Sweet Chai, Feel Well Balanced

Cheese fondue & Tea

Delicious with cheese fondue and also good for digestion with a heavy dish, is drinking tea. Choose a soft green or white tea as Mao FengLovely Jasmine or sencha.

The wine can also be easily replaced with tea for the preparation of a delicious cheese fondue. For example, choose a firm smoky Lapsang Souchong.

These teas and ideas come from Barbara Veldhuizen. She is the creator of Tea street. You will find more than 100 loose teas here.



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