Alcohol and the National Prevention Agreement 

Every year, 35,000 Dutch people die as a result of smoking, being overweight or having problem drinking. Together they are the largest cause of disease in the Netherlands. The agreements in the National Prevention Agreement have consequences for everyone in the Netherlands.

By tackling these three topics, the health of many Dutch people can improve. For example, a healthy diet is a measure for everyone, not just overweight people. And by preventing smoking, there are fewer second-hand smokers. Agreements have also been made with regard to alcohol.

The National Prevention Agreement contains agreements between more than 70 different organizations such as healthcare umbrella organisations, companies, municipalities and educational institutions.
Some of the agreements from the agreement:

  • Schools and universities are committed to reducing alcohol use among young people and students. The link between sport and alcohol must change. From 2019, for example, amateur sports clubs will no longer enter into new contracts with beverage manufacturers for alcohol advertising along sports fields.
  • Young people should come into contact with alcohol advertising less. Before 2021, the beverage manufacturers and providers of alcohol, such as liquor stores, will come up with solutions for this.
  • In 2022, 70% of the midwives followed a training course to make alcohol use a topic for discussion among pregnant women.
  • Employees and volunteers who serve alcohol in sports canteens must complete a course by 2025 at the latest. So that they can adhere to the age limit for alcohol sales. And that they know what to do with drunk people. In 2040, eating and drinking in 80% from sports canteens will be healthier. For example, they no longer offer happy hours or meters of beer. Look for more info here.


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