Alcohol and the menopause

A woman knows her body well. After so many years you know what you react well to and what you react less well to. But during the transition, things can suddenly turn out very differently. The same is true for alcohol.

We don't have to tell you that the effects of alcohol are immediately noticeable. After a glass of wine or what you get a blush on your cheeks - because your blood vessels dilate by drinking alcohol - you talk more easily, you are even funnier and you move through the evening in a relaxed manner. Until you drink a little too much than is good for you and you go from slightly tipsy to drunk. You pay the bill for that the next day. During the menopause you can react even more sensitively to alcohol.


On average, the menopause starts at the age of 47 years. A process in which the body changes from fertile to infertile. The levels of the hormones progesterone and estrogen fluctuate considerably and eventually the release of these hormones decreases. This has consequences for your hormone balance, heart rate and heart and blood vessels.

Is it so hot here?

Hot flashes are a well-known phenomenon of menopause. Those fluctuating hormones can really mess up the pituitary gland (a gland in the middle of the brain that plays an important role in regulating hormones). For example, the pituitary gland can think that your body temperature is too high, so that a cooling mechanism is immediately set in motion. All your blood vessels will open wide. The result is a head like a tomato and a spontaneous bout of sweat. This sweat evaporates on your skin and your temperature drops again. And that's what we call a hot flash.

Lunch, wine, hot flash

Drinking alcohol in combination with those fluctuating hormones causes blood vessels to open wide. And that exacerbates hot flashes. Many women find that drinking alcohol during menopause does indeed cause hot flashes. In addition to those unwanted heat waves, you can suddenly gain a few kilos during the transition thanks to the alcohol. Alcohol gets in the way of fat burning and your metabolism was already slowed down because of the transition. So that's a double loss. For example, those few wines ensure that your pants are a bit on the tight side.

To drink or not to drink during menopause?

We are not going to tell you what you should or should not do. The fact is that alcohol does not contribute to a smooth menopause. It is good to be aware of the effects of alcohol on your female body. You know better than anyone how your body reacts to certain things. It is advisable to follow the guidelines of the Health Council. Do not drink and otherwise a maximum of one glass of alcohol per day. And take a break every now and then. Your body is very happy with that. Source:



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