3 x super summer alternatives

Summer is still in full swing, causing the barbecue to work overtime. Before, you were used to drinking something alcoholic as an aperitif. But now that you're pausing, and still enjoying these fine afternoons and evenings, you should look for something else thirst-quenching and cozy. We come up with 3 summer alternatives.

You haven't drunk that cold beer, sparkling wine or that festive cocktail in a few weeks. Because you're taking a break this month and that's really good of you. Still, you might as well enjoy something non-alcoholic. Have you ever heard of these strains and flavors?

Kombucha with Ginger and Lemon

Kombucha, originally made from green tea that is fermented, is a worldwide hit as a tasty soda alternative for a reason. Sugar-free kombucha guarantees a refreshing summer. Especially in the Ginger & Lemon flavour. You can simply shop this kombucha flavor in the supermarket.

The origin of kombucha is unknown, but chances are it is China, Korea, Japan or Russia. The name is Japanese and literally means seaweed tea.

Elderflower or elderflower

Light and spicy and not too sweet. That's elderflower in a nutshell. Elderflower can be found on the elderflower bush. It is even quite easy to make your own elderflower syrup. But you can also buy your elderflower lemonade in the supermarket. Extra refreshing with a few cooling ice cubes.

Making elderflower syrup yourself is not difficult. Look for an elderflower bush nearby. Carefully cut a few umbels (twigs with flowers) from the elderflower bush. Do not wash the flowers, but shake them out over the sink. Cut 2 lemons into thick slices. Add 3 liters of sparkling or still water to the lemons and blossoms. For a little sweetness, add some crushed stevia leaves. Read the recipe here after.

Vegan lemonade with lavender and bergamot

Non-alcoholic and vegan. A great alternative for the vegans who are on a break. What you can expect is a subtle and slightly spicy lemonade packed in a beautiful glass bottle. You can find this ready-made lemonade from the Cucumis brand at the supermarket.

And what do you think of this taste? A fresh and invigorating carbonated lemonade based on cucumber juice supplemented with an infusion of basil. Also from Cucumis.




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