25 Alcohol Facts

  1. The oldest recipe in the world is a recipe for making beer.
  2. Alcohol does not destroy brain cells.
  3. A glass of beer contains about as much alcohol as a glass of wine.
  4. Drinking alcohol increases the risk of heart attacks.
  5. When we toast while drinking, we wish each other good health. Toasting is derived from the Latin tostum, which means toasted. The Romans dipped toasted bread in wine with dinner.
  6. The distillation process of alcohol was developed in the Middle Ages. The result was aqua vitae or called water of life.
  7. The word symposium comes from Greek and was originally a gathering of men to drink and talk.
  8. In Cambodia people drink Tarantula Brandy. Rice drink with a just killed tarantula in it.
  9. Drinkers think they can tolerate alcohol better and better, but this is a misunderstanding. Tolerance (habituation) does not occur for all effects of alcohol. For example, the responsiveness still deteriorates just as quickly.
  10.  It takes 600 grapes to make one bottle of red wine.
  11. In Bolivia they drink Agwa de Bolivia, a drink with coca leaves processed in it.
  12. By drinking alcohol you see the color red less well and you can look much less well to the side (tunnel vision). This leads to more casualties in traffic.
  13. It takes six minutes for your brain to start responding to an alcoholic drink.
  14. The Inuit make alcohol with a dead seagull in it, which they let ferment.
  15. In Korea people drink rice drink with dead mice in it. These are left to ferment for a year.
  16. The Chinese word for alcohol, jiǔ, not only has the same pronunciation as the words for 'longevity' and 'eternal', but also sounds similar to the characters for 'property'. Thus, it fuels the love of Chinese people for prosperity.
  17. In Mongolia they make beer from fermented horse milk.
  18. Alcohol abuse affects testosterone production and male potency.
  19. People with very modest use of alcohol live longer than people who don't drink or people who drink more.
  20. Drinking alcohol during pregnancy can lead to FAS syndrome.
  21. Alcohol kills bacteria.
  22. Women absorb alcohol into the bloodstream faster and break it down less quickly than men. That's why women get drunk faster and stay drunk longer.
  23. The most used date rape drug is alcohol and not GHB.
  24. Drinking coffee does not make you sober. What is needed is time: time to let the body break down the alcohol.
  25. No one is ever completely alcohol-free. The body produces alcohol naturally.
  26. Alcohol is the most commonly used addictive substance in the United States and as many as one in 12 adult Americans is addicted to it. In the Netherlands this concerns about 500,000 people.

Source: tallsay.com



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