Have you unknowingly developed a pattern of drinking alcohol almost every day? Want to see what happens when you change that habit?
breaks through? Do you want to start fresh for spring? Feeling fitter, have more energy, maybe lose some weight? Then IkPas is for you!

IkPas is taking on a challenge with yourself. You don't drink alcohol for a month to see what it does to you. By gaining learning experiences during the IkPas period, you become more aware in making a choice whether or not to drink, you break through entrenched patterns and alcohol is no longer a matter of course.


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Many IkPas participants also experience positive physical changes; they feel fitter and sharper, sleep better, lose weight and have better skin. IkPas helps you with your challenge. You can contact us for questions, tips, articles and recipes for tasty & healthy alternatives, badges that you can earn with challenges, extra support in difficult moments...
everything to complete your challenge!
You can choose from 30 or 40 days passes. From January 1, 2019, we will not drink alcohol for 30 days and/or from March 6, 2019 (in line with the fasting tradition after Carnival) we will not drink alcohol for 40 days.

We do not ask you to never drink alcohol again, but to put your alcohol consumption on a break.


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