Pleasant: reading fan and volunteer Stijn

I am Stijn, 52 years old and married to Odette and I live in Waalwijk. In recent years I have enjoyed working in a bookstore. In view of the developments within the book trade, I am looking for other work. At the moment I do volunteer work at a care studio and I visit people who stay in a hospice.

Reading and books are still a common thread in my life. In fact, by reading I am able to put myself in the shoes of others. Moreover; the best writers loved a drink…

I like sports and exercise and I do this in a small gym. I also like cycling and being outside in nature.

I enjoyed the 30-day campaign in January. I slept better, felt fit and overall I didn't miss the alcohol. The next 40 days are a big stick for me not to drink. Although I will encounter various obstacles in the coming period, I look forward to them with pleasure.

Good luck everyone!


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