Taboo or not taboo

This week I am writing my sixth blog for Ik Pas. Next week the last one, 'le grand finale'.

I signed up with the organization to write the blogs. First of all, because I like to write. The second reason was that I can organize my thoughts by putting them down in a text. All purely self-interested. I never intended to convince others of whether or not to drink alcohol, everyone has to decide that for themselves, but who knows, my blogs may invite conversation.

I really want to say here first that my dear husband reads my pieces with interest, but thinks that I present myself too much as a heavy alcoholic. “You're not,” he says. He knows me and we also talk about the subject of alcohol together, so we know where we stand with each other. Okay, maybe I've exaggerated a little here and there because of the story, but I really like wine. I have not spared myself in the past period and have been open and honest. Again, especially for myself.

The by-catch of blogs that are public is that they are responded to. I sometimes read on the IkPas website and Facebook page that people recognize themselves in my stories, which I find interesting. Drinkers among themselves look in the mirror together and it can be very clear, if you look with an open mind. Recognition can lead to recognition, although I don't think that implies that everyone who reads things of themselves in my blogs has a problem. Everyone always chooses whether and what to do with it.

I am also directly approached by people who have read my blogs. Starting with my writing style, the conversation automatically turns to the subject of drink. About mine, but always also about theirs or someone you know. Everyone has or knows a story. The use of alcohol is deeply embedded in our society. During these conversations, alcohol is briefly something that is not laughed at or trivialized. I like that.

There are also people who have not discussed my blogs with me, but with, for example, my husband. And there are people with whom I share the love of wine very much, but who don't give a shit. I fantasize a bit about why that is. Is it discomfort? Is there perhaps still a taboo when it comes to drinking a lot? 'Isn't it supposed to be' and are we perhaps still a bit of an old system in which it is uncomfortable to talk openly about things like this with each other? Well, maybe people are just skeptical and want to see how serious I am when I write about quitting drinking. That's also allowed, but I think it's best to have an interested and involved conversation.


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