Ria: I'm proud of myself

As the daughter of an alcoholic, drinking has never been something I did completely without a warning voice in my head. There were always those questions: Is this too much already? Am I drinking for the right reasons? Can I do without?
Six months ago my life was completely turned upside down: husband gone, looking for another house, and all daily things had to go on as usual. When a friend came over, when I started cooking, when I had a rough day, or just wanted to do something fun, I drank a glass of wine. Never more than two, but at some point almost every day.
At the end of December I heard the call a few times on the radio to participate in Ik Pas. And despite the idea that this might not have been the best time of my life to participate, I thought it might just be. Because I could now show myself that I could do this too. Just like going on alone, taking good care of my three teenagers, looking for a house and making sure that my work is going well.

The month is almost over and I now know that I really like a glass of wine every now and then, but that I will leave a glass of wine to drink from now on. And I'm proud of myself because I know I can do this.


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