Monique: Resist the temptation

Well, you can't say I avoided the temptation last weekend, wine-technically that is. As mentioned, we went into town on Friday evening for a snack and a drink. It was still too early to go out for dinner, so first we looked for a nice pub. There the free-mi-bo was still in full swing. People of all ages and backgrounds were chatting at the bar or sitting at the many tables. The alcohol flowed freely. There was laughter, cheers and the music was good.

We looked for a place to sit and in the meantime I thought feverishly what I would order, now that my usual glass of wine was 'out of the question'. My husband was already out, for him a special beer on tap, the taste of which took him back to his younger years. I'm not much of a beer drinker, but decided to join him, but with a Wieckse Witte 0% (because my husband thought I'd like that one). It was also quite easy to get rid of, but still… With some melancholy and longing, I thought back to the many Fridays that we had started the weekend in the same way. I was alone with a glass of white wine in my hand. And another… And…

I spoke sternly to myself. I made a very conscious decision not to drink for 40 days. Well then! I can also have a good time without alcohol. And just to be clear: my husband has offered not to drink alcohol if I would prefer that, but I didn't have to.

An hour later we walked through the city looking for a nice restaurant. I haven't lived in this city that long, so there is still plenty to discover. And we found that. A cozy French brasserie, tastefully decorated. My husband ordered wine and I water. That felt a bit strange, especially because around me waiters were constantly walking past with trays full of wine, or even whole bottles of wine. I saw couples raising glasses with each other and enjoying their first sip. swallow. I quickly took a sip of my water and returned my attention to the menu.

Fish must swim, the saying goes. But in what? Only water is only so only water. I asked the lady at the desk about non-alcoholic wine or bubbles. And to my great delight I got a glass of bubbly in a really beautiful glass. The taste was also fine. As far as I'm concerned, it's not just about the taste, but also about the experience. Because of the festive glass, I felt much more equal to my surroundings than I had before. It was fun and it got later and later…

Satisfied with myself, I crawled into bed that night. To get up fresh the next morning.


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