Lienke blogs – 3

We've been on the road for quite some time now and I have to admit that I've had quite a hard time the past week. Not just with saying 'No' and not doing it, but especially with the lack of understanding. As someone said in a Facebook comment 'I was afraid that participating would have inadvertently instilled in me the stigma of being a seasoned alcoholic, but fortunately there are also other moderate social drinkers among the participants."  

The first dinner, with my girlfriends, after 5 days was not too bad for me. We had a nice dinner and with my spa red I was quite satisfied. I was disappointed for a moment that I had to leave my favorite dessert 'Scropino', lemon ice cream, vanilla ice cream, prosecco and vodka, but asking for a virgin version was too much for me. My persistence was not rewarded by the way; that night I was surprised by a huge stomach flu. So there was no real enjoyment of my hangover-free morning.

A week later, last Friday, my school organized an employee day where my colleagues and I were thoroughly pampered. Workshops, a delicious lunch and of course a drink afterwards where 'Beer and Bitterballen' were central. All colleagues had a beer or a glass of wine and I really stood out with a Diet Coke. I was disappointed. I was so excited to end that pleasant day with my colleagues. Just relax, let the alcohol slide down my throat and usher in the weekend. The questions came, the judgments too, but I stood my ground. Still, I left just a little earlier than I normally would have. Weak.

I hadn't thought about the fact that the weekend would be a task anyway. I expected that the parties would be difficult, but the normal things also created a battle in my head. Friends had dinner here on Saturday. I hadn't put any wine cold, but there was a case of beer outside and there was a nice Limoncello in the freezer. I must have caught myself thinking about Limoncello about 10 times. Delicious, cleared the table, a Nespresso and an ice cold but warming drink† I didn't.

Sunday was also harder than I thought. My grandmother, 86 years old, gave an old-fashioned party in the local conference center where the coffee was accompanied by an Achterhoek bitter. fixed jab; sing a song for the birthday boy or girl and then toast and knock back in one go. I just held the milk jug for form and looked eagerly at the other attendees who visibly enjoyed it. After the coffee ran out and everyone started drinking, I switched to the 7-up with lemon. People were visibly surprised because when there is a party, I am often the first to hold a glass of wine. Even after my explanation about the 'Ik Pas' action, they remained surprised, I was not an alcoholic after all and many people therefore thought that I should definitely continue to enjoy the few times I drank. That awareness was more important to me than my moderate intake, they couldn't do much with that. And that surprised me again.

Readers, especially those who are not among the 23,747 participants, don't pretend that that drink, that drink or that nightcap is the most normal thing in the world and help each other! Even if that colleague, friend or neighbor only drinks one a year, be proud of the intention and watch with envy if his or her willpower is stronger than yours.. ;).


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