Alcohol earns points in casino

Society encourages drinking alcohol. Last night I was in the casino and I immediately noticed (actually because of IkPas for the first time) how prominently everything with alcohol is behind the bar, while there is no trace of non-alcoholic drinks. The range of tasty juices, for example, is very limited.

We ordered coffee (yes, I also managed to get someone else just as crazy to join the IkPas month). At the checkout I gave my points savings card from Holland casino to which I got the response that I can only save when I ordered something alcoholic. What I am now amazed about is that a company whose shares for 100% are in the hands of the Ministry of Finance, in other words our national government, stimulates the combination of alcohol and gambling so enormously, especially because alcohol reduces inhibitions and inhibitions in combination with gambling are best be useful. 😉 @alcohol-is-too-normal, @conscious-dealing-with-alcohol.

The evening was wonderful, alcohol-free and we both arrived home with a profit in our pockets.

Claudia, a moderate drinker (8 to 10 drinks a week) who has had several awareness moments in the past 9 days.


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