Pavlov's dog

In the afternoon around five o'clock Pavlov's dog is behind me. Well, dog? It's more like a Great Dane. It's the time when I got home. Unpack the groceries and get ready to cook a hot meal. He roars in my ear with a heavy bark. WINE!

In recent days, the heavy bark has turned into a pathetic wheezing and panting. The first days he looked deeply into the eyes of the baker and spoke firmly. That helped.

Whoever thinks that there is only one dog of Pavlos is wrong. A less pushy type is the little yapper who starts early in the day about what you're going to drink tonight. I'm in the car to work. When approaching the first roundabout it starts. First you decide that you don't have to do it today. But at the next roundabout, the little rascal has already had her way. The question that remains is not whether, but how much. From day one of IkPas, this dog no longer rides.

Anyone who thinks that's done with that is wrong. A new beast has arrived. Less noticeable. Less barky. It lies at my feet and occasionally on it. He looks at me with faithful eyes when I open the IkPas app and then seems to say: “Just a few more days. Then we will play together. However?".


Pavlov became world famous for an experiment with dogs. Just before he fed the dogs, he rang a bell. After several sessions, the dogs began to salivate as soon as they heard the bell.


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