Eva fits indefinitely

Despite the fact that I grew up in a family where for various reasons people drank way too much and where I also became acquainted with the negative consequences of this, alcohol use crept into my life. Together with my husband, who also grew up in a family where a daily drink was normal, I really enjoyed those wines. An aperitif before dinner, a glass of wine with dinner, a glass before going to sleep, the weekend wines, the champagne breakfast, the early rosé on holiday, there was always a reason to have a glass.

Until I noticed that my husband started to show the same traits as my father when he had a little too much and I recognized the traits of my mother, who secretly drank to escape the ordinary world. Now I didn't drink secretly, but the reason (in retrospect) was also a bit of denial. Denial that I lived my life almost like my parents, when I had always fought that way.

I started exercising more, eating healthier and alcohol consumption was also examined. But I found it very difficult to drink less with someone in the house who had so nice prepared a glass for me when I came home. Saying no remained difficult and even though I had it in my head, every time I gave in; ah, one then…

Until I saw IkPas around the holidays and thought “yes, I'm going to do that”. Started on January 3rd and to my surprise got through these weeks without any problems. My husband initially participated, unfortunately he dropped out, but now he drinks less. No one in my area knows that I participate in IkPas, I am always 'the BOB'. I have to and want to do it myself, without having to explain. I also don't want to admit that I always drank too much.

I now sleep well, although I do dream the wildest dreams, I feel more energetic and my days are longer. My children are proud of me and sports and diets are going well. But it's not all good news. It has made me look at my life and marriage with a 'sober look'. And that doesn't make me very happy. So how this goes on will be the new challenge, but I'm happy and proud that I've come this far. Still stronger than I thought.

All around me I now hear people counting down until they 'can' have a drink again. I notice a change in me, not that I now say “I will never drink again”, but I have started to look at it differently. I seem to become anti-alcohol, even though this is not my intention at all. Everyone makes their own choices and a drink every now and then is not bad at all. But it strikes me more and more what effect alcohol has on people and I no longer feel comfortable with it. Alcohol is an addiction, just like smoking. I didn't quit smoking at the time to start again after a month, did I? So why should I start drinking again? So I just put off my glass a little longer. IPass indefinitely.



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