Show solidarity to all non-drinkers and addicts in recovery

How do I prepare for 'IkPas'? How do I prepare for 30 days of not drinking alcohol? Well, actually I'm not preparing at all. I'm just gonna do it. The reason I'm participating again this year is actually simple; I am in solidarity with my daughter. My daughter has not been drinking a drop of alcohol since July 16, 2018, because she is addicted. She initially went into treatment for a drug addiction, but alcohol soon turned out to be a trigger as well. She also made me look critically at my own alcohol consumption. I was embarrassed to admit that I was a heavy user. In any case, I drank (very) heavily every weekend and it sometimes happened that the next day I didn't remember exactly what had happened the night before. In my area was
that's not even weird; many people drink more than is good for them. 'In principle' I didn't drink during the week, but hey, during that lunch with a friend, two glasses of wine were fine, right? A visit from friends, yes that includes a drink. A reception for my work? It's already Thursday, almost weekend. So I took that 'in principle' quite literally. Last August I drank
for the last time too much, i was so ashamed, my daughter was so fighting her addiction! Then I didn't drink anything for two months. Then I resolved to drink only on special occasions and no more than two drinks at a time. I also resolved to only drink tasty things; by that I mean: not that dirty, often sour wine that you get in many bars. This intention goes quite well, but it still creeps in that I occasionally drink more than my intention, but never so much that I lose control. To make myself aware of my alcohol use again and to show solidarity with my daughter and with all addicts in recovery, I put my alcohol use on pause again on January 1, 2020.

The question is, when exactly do you start? At 00:00 on 1-1? Or only the next day if you
wakes up? That was the first question of conscience. New Years Eve we spent with friends
with good food. Since I was going to take my mom home after 12, I couldn't before that time
drinking alcohol. I have chosen to toast at 12 noon with a glass of champagne. When I
came back from my mother I had my last alcoholic drink; then
it really started to fit for me.
The next challenge is this coming weekend; I'm going to a performance of a friend in a cafe and
I have a New Years reception. How's that going for me? I'll tell you next week!


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