Dry January for students

Many people drink alcohol but do we really know what it does to us? In truth, there is only one way to really find out: not drinking for a month. It will amaze you how different you feel after a month of not drinking.

Dry January is the most popular month to take a break from drinking as you start the new year refreshed and ready to go and you keep to your resolutions more easily. Besides, there is less social pressure to drink in January as a lot of people participate in Dry January. All in all, there are many pragmatic reasons to participate, but the real reason is, of course, to experience what alcohol really does to you by giving it a rest.

We at IkPas will help you get through Dry January completely free of charge with support in the form of a newsletter, badges, a forum, diaries and even your own personal online coach! If you sign up as a group, you can even track each other’s progress. Sign up now and take on the challenge together with 50,000 other people in the Netherlands.

Note: We are still translating the whole of the IkPas website so that it will be available in English as well. At current, only the homepage and sign up page are translated so that you can already sign up. We’re aiming to release the fully translated website before the Christmas holidays. Happy signing up!

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loses weight

31% of the participants have lost weight after the Dry January! This is an important reason for many participants to drink less alcohol, even after IkPas.

can say "no"without an excuse

Participants often get better at passing on alcohol after pausing their drinking for a month. Not only do you train saying ‘no’ by doing it more, many find that they don’t need excuses to feel confident to say no.

achieve better mental fitness

Not only your physical health will improve by participating in Dry January. According to 66% of our participants abstaining from alcohol for a prolonged period of time also has a positive effect on your mental health.

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