Municipality of Mook en Middelaar participates in IkPas

I pass in the Municipality of Mook and Middelaar

Mook en Middelaar is a municipality in North Limburg. The municipality of Mook and Middelaar consists of the villages of Middelaar, Molenhoek (partly), Mook and Plasmolen. The municipality has about 7,960 inhabitants

The municipality of Mook en Middelaar has always been very active with care providers in the area with '40 days without alcohol' during the fasting period after Carnival, but has been affiliated with IkPas for a number of years.
With IkPas, we are now mainly focusing on the annual Dry January campaign.
But you can even start a challenge with your friends or family at any time!

Many people have unconsciously adopted a pattern in which it is natural to drink several glasses of alcohol almost daily. By participating in IkPas you break through entrenched patterns and alcohol is no longer a matter of course. This allows you to choose more consciously whether or not to drink, when and how much.

We also like to participate in the IkPas Battle and we aim to become the largest break municipality in the Netherlands!
Will you join us?
Invite your family, friends, neighbours, association or colleagues and take on the challenge together!

In addition to the support you receive from IkPas, we organize an online information evening with Iriszorg on January 11 from 19.30-20.30. You can sign up via
We also regularly post in the local media.

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Deelnemer statistieken Mook en Middelaar
Statistics of Dry January 2023


18 - 25 years 0%
26 - 35 years 0%
36 - 45 years 0%
46 - 55 years 0%
56 - 65 years 100%
66 - 75 years 0%
76 - 85 years 0%
86 - 95 years 0%
96 - 100 years 0%





Average number of days


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