The municipality of Vlieland participates in IkPas

Ikpas in the Municipality of Vlieland

The Wadden Island of Vlieland is an independent municipality with just under 1200 inhabitants. About 200,000 tourists visit the beautiful island every year.

Due to the permanent holiday atmosphere that prevails on Vlieland, almost daily alcohol consumption is very common. It has also unconsciously become a habit for many islanders. To discover what this actually does to your health, the municipality of Vlieland wants to encourage its residents to participate in the challenge of Dry January or IkPas in Dutch: do not drink alcohol for a month. Not with the aim of never drinking wine or beer again afterwards, but to experience how much fitter you actually feel if you leave the alcohol for a while. And then perhaps make a more conscious choice whether or not to drink.

So if you already had good intentions for after the festive month of December: take on the challenge with yourself and/or your friends and colleagues and register below at IkPas!
If you wish, you can pick up a blue/white wristband at the counter of the town hall to remind your surroundings (and yourself) this month that you are going to skip.

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Deelnemer statistieken Vlieland
Statistics of Dry January 2023


18 - 25 years 0%
26 - 35 years 0%
36 - 45 years 38%
46 - 55 years 63%
56 - 65 years 0%
66 - 75 years 0%
76 - 85 years 0%
86 - 95 years 0%
96 - 100 years 0%





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