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I pass in the Municipality of Dronten

From the municipality of Dronten we work hard on a healthy environment for all residents. One of the spearheads we have is the theme 'use of resources'. Together with the Helder Uit working group (consisting of De Meerpaal Welfare, GGD Flevoland, Tactus Addiction Care and the municipality of Dronten) we are working on this spearhead by setting up various activities and interventions. One of these interventions is the annual Ik-Pas campaign in which many residents participate every year!

There are many people who have subconsciously developed a pattern of drinking alcohol on a daily basis. Relaxation, put aside the worries of everyday life or just because they like it; there are several reasons why people find drinking a glass of alcohol pleasant. With the IkPas campaign – the Dutch version of Dry January – you take on a challenge with yourself and your environment and do not drink alcohol for a month. You discover what not drinking does to you and you become more aware of the choices you can make whether or not to drink. It's a time to take a closer look at entrenched patterns and discover which alternatives might suit you much better.

All residents of Dronten can officially register for the Ik-Pas challenge via this municipal page. You perform the challenge yourself, but still a bit together because of your registration!

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Deelnemer statistieken Dronten
Statistics of Dry January 2023


18 - 25 years 0%
26 - 35 years 0%
36 - 45 years 0%
46 - 55 years 58%
56 - 65 years 0%
66 - 75 years 42%
76 - 85 years 0%
86 - 95 years 0%
96 - 100 years 0%





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