Happy Drinks: Sour Bomb

March 7, 2019 / Recipes / Party drinks

First the sweet and then the sour creates a taste explosion in your mouth. By sucking on the orange segment immediately afterwards, you extinguish the 'sour fire' in the mouth. This gives a wonderfully satiated feeling. You saved yourself. This is a real do-it-yourself drink. It's more than just drinking. This is fun. After the sour comes the sweet.

Category: Strong


•The pulp of 2 passion fruits
•Juice of 1 lemon
•1 orange wedge
•A little bit of granulated sugar

Glass: In a shot glass
Mixing technique: Stirring
Garnish: Orange wedge

Preparation method

Put the passion fruit pulp in a very small glass (cut in half and then spoon out with a teaspoon). Add the juice of a lemon. Mix the pulp and lemon juice well with a teaspoon. Cut off a segment of an orange. Place a teaspoon of granulated sugar on your palm. Now first lick the sugar from your palm, then immediately drink the contents of the glass in one go. Then immediately nibble on the orange segment. Lekkurrrr!

You can also replace the passion fruit with other acidic mixes. Like a mix of lemon and broccoli juice.

TV chef Pierre Wind developed Happy Drinks: It's not soda, it's not alcohol, it's alcohol-free with a kick. A new category in the alcohol-free range.
During the IkPas 30-day campaign, Pierre visited the Radio Veronica studio and made 3 Happy Drinks for DJ Lindo Duvall as part of IkPas. Check it out here movie!


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